Football musings: Tottenham’s slip up, a very violent match and Leicester 2016.

Martinez gets a postponement on his sacking. Yeovil come from behind to win, winning away from home and scoring more goals in the process than they have in any match all season. Newcastle and Sunderland keep up their seemingly eternal battle for survival, with Norwich slipping into the relegation zone. Oh, and Swansea beat Klopp’s Liverpool, which I’m sure doesn’t fill him with hope for this week’s Europa League match. Its been another crazy week in the world of football.

Leicester, sadly, were being made to wait for their title after Manchester United rather rudely held them to a draw, and van Gaal went on to make some rather absurd comments about how Leicester have had it easy even though both sides have needed to play the exact same teams throughout the season. Frankly, he became a knobhead in my eyes as soon as he joined United- now his behaviour just reinforces that idea! But the real news is that, despite that frustrating draw, Leicester have won the Premier League title anyway, because their fellow Blues in Chelsea did them a favour. Tottenham, seven points behind with three games to go, needed not only to win all of their remaining matches, but they also had to hope Leicester slipped up somewhere.

Man U offered them that hope, with Leicester still stubbornly refusing to be beaten, but dropping points nonetheless. All Spurs had to do to keep the pressure on was go to Stamford Bridge- never an easy place to visit- and win. They were all fired up. Of course, so were Chelsea, who have never lost to Tottenham at home, and who were determined to let anyone other than one of their London rivals win the title. At half time, though, it would’ve been Spurs supporters who were happier. Harry Kane, who cannot seem to stop scoring, no matter what happens, put the ball into the back of net, and his Korean team mate Son got a second. 2-0 up and they must have felt comfortable. But this is football, an unpredictable sport, and Chelsea had a record to keep intact.

Out they came, and it was before the hour had passed that big man Gary Cahill smashed in a goal, scoring a shot that would have been impressive for a striker, let alone a central defender. Then, with seven minutes left and the Spurs defence willing to foul to protect the lead, the mercurial talent that is Eden Hazard stepped up and unleashed a beautiful shot. It was 2-2, and Tottenham would concede their title hopes if they didn’t win. The match turned into a chaotic site of war.

How on Earth both teams finished with a full quota of players is beyond me. Eric Dier seemed determined to break the legs of any Chelsea player he saw, Willian of Chelsea nearly decked a guy, and Moussa Dembele attempted to rip Diego Costa’s eye out. Now, I know Costa is an idiot- and I would be one of the first people to agree that he’s been asking for a punch in the face since he came to England- but stooping to his level should result in the same punishment he gets. When FIFA watch it back, there will almost certainly be a ban. Dembele most likely won’t feature again this season.

Anyway, it remained 2-2, and Tottenham blew their title chances, which in turn left Christian Fuchs and his Leicester team mates free to upload a video of them going absolutely mental at the equalising goal. In the end, Chelsea did have a say on who won the title, even though it wasn’t in the way that they had hoped.

Mauricio Pochettino, Tottenham’s manager, was very gracious in defeat, and he even admitted that Leicester had deserved it. Spurs have a bright young squad, and if they continue to build upon that, they will surely be title contenders again next season. As for Leicester…well, congratulations to them, and the best of luck in Europe next season! Everything that needs to be said about their monumental achievement has already been said elsewhere, and I would only be repeating the thoughts of neutral fans across the world. It truly is a fantastic achievement!

Now, if Darren Way and the Yeovil boys- who themselves recorded a marvellous victory over Barnet, coming back from 3-1 down to win 4-3 – are paying any attention, they’ll know that being an underdog means nothing anymore. I fully expect them to be promoted as League Two champions next season.

Okay, so maybe I’m asking a bit too much…but in years to come, fans of smaller teams will dare to dream.

“Leicester 2016”, they’ll say. “Remember Leicester 2016”.


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