Movie review archives:- The Amazing Spiderman

Recently I managed to re-open my IMDB account, and from there I started looking at some reviews I wrote back in my university days, when I was still young and I didn’t know any better. Obviously, I’m now an expert- but I thought I would uncover some of these gems and show them to you here for posterity. This is the first from the archives- a review of Sony’s first effort at a reboot of the Spiderman franchise.

Firstly, I think it’s fair to say that, whilst I love the Marvel universe, I am by no means opposed to movies taking some liberties with source material. With that said, however, I still can’t help but feel a little disappointed by The Amazing Spiderman. Directed by the suitably named Marc Webb, TAS falls somewhat short of expectations for a viewer. Perhaps this is due to the fact that it immediately follows The Avengers, which set the bar impossibly high for superhero movies, or perhaps it is the fact that, for a Superhero movie, it is sorely lacking in the key parts- a memorable villains, exciting action sequences, a moral dilemma.

Rhys Ifans is a very talented actor, and his role here is a suitably written comic book villain, but in the Spiderman universe, The Lizard is not a particularly stand-out nemesis. With that in mind, the Gwen Stacy storyline is a much more believable love story than that of the Mary Jane one from the Sam Raimi efforts, and Andrew Garfield shares real chemistry on screen with her. The main problem is that Marc Webb is more effective at the romance scenes than he is at the action sequences. Whilst the fight scenes are entertaining enough, they simply don’t hold the screen, and they are quickly forgotten. The original trilogy, directed by Sam Raimi, was packed full of memorable fight scenes which have stood the test of time. This movie is a solid effort, but it simply does little other than entertain, and it simply doesn’t hold it’s own alongside some of the other Marvel films. Ultimately, it is a little confused by what it wants to be. The love element of the story is handled respectfully but the action sequences, whilst far from terrible, do not hold the audience’s attention as much as should be expected.

You can’t blame Sony for digging up the Spider-Man franchise for a reboot, as to this day it remains one of their most lucrative projects, but you also can’t help but feel that this was an unnecessary addition to the Marvel Universe. Frankly, had The Avengers not been so fantastic, this film would still have been lacking that final spark. It’s not poor- it just falls short of the hype that was surrounding it.

The Spider-Man isn’t so amazing, after all.


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